The work of the supervisory body

The work of the supervisory body which is required by Legislative Decree 231/2001:

The work of the Supervisory Body requires specific professional skills in understanding the ways that unlawful acts may occur, elements relative to the complicity of individuals in committing an unlawful act, the organizational profiles of an “entity” composed of multiple subjects, and the procedures which regulate its operations.

The function of the Supervisory Body, according to law, consists in continually monitoring the Models to the end of guaranteeing their suitability, their proper implementation, and compliance on the part of agents within the “entity”. As not all “entities” have employees with these qualifications, Noikos Nike Research Institute Ltd. offers its professional figures, all with proven experience, to sit on supervisory bodies as members. In addition, their position as “outsiders” meets the legal requirements of autonomy and independence, which are often considered by the legal profession as fundamental aspects for the correct execution of control functions.

An additional service that we offer consists in assisting the Supervisory Body, including the preparation of its procedural rules, the calling of its meetings, drafting of meeting minutes and control programs, and any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the proper functioning of its operations in compliance with legal norms.

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